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machine-room-less elevator quality is second to none, Our gearless elevator provides technological advances that deliver a world-class ride, maximum MRL life cycle and exceptional reliability — with an average of less than one callback per elevator per year with our maintenance plans. 


We Are Engaged In Providing A Wide Range Of MRL Elevator.

Machine room-less lifts do not have a fixed machine room on the top of the hoistway, instead, the traction hoisting machine is installed either on the top sidewall of the hoistway or on the bottom of the hoistway. Machine room-less lifts are designed so that most of the components fit within the shaft containing the lift car and a small cabinet houses the lift controller.

These elevators not only save space by installing the components in the hoistway and using smaller sheaves than geared and gearless elevators. Machine room-less lifts are very economical. Teknic Elevators tries to manufacture high-class machine-room-less elevators in a way that they are easily available to almost everybody based on their budget. These elevators are so perfect that they do not require frequent maintenance. Available at affordable rates and lowest maintenance costs save a lot of money, thus adding to your savings.

Excellent Quality

Due to high-quality reliable technologies for selecting and processing materials, the elevators of Teknic have outstanding performance and quality to safeguard your rides.

More Space

Machine room-less design for more usable building and design space. Spacious cab is up to 5% larger than the average MRL cab.


Easy to order with accelerated lead and installation times.Fits into the footprint of a hydraulic elevators.