When costly repairs are no longer the best option

Elevator Modernization

Elevator modernization or lift modernization is the process of carrying out the up-gradation of important parts of the equipment. Its purpose is to improve safety standards and performance that have deteriorated over time. When elevators are getting old, they can no longer meet the passenger requirements. We suggest that modernization should be taken into consideration. No matter whether it is a residential building, hotel, or public building, we can provide tailor-made solutions.
We will send professional technicians to conduct on-site surveys to meet the renovation needs of customers. For elevators with poor ride experience, high failure rate, and service life of over 15 years, if expected cost efficiency cannot be achieved through partial renovation after technical confirmation, we recommend the existing energy-efficient whole elevator replacement program.


On-time delivery

Safety first

Fine appearance

Elevator Upgrading and Transformation

Teknic offers you an exclusive engineering package – modernization of your old elevator, combining state-of-the-art technology, experience & installation skills, Created primarily for systematic and speedy up-gradation of the old elevator. No matter the make or model of your elevators, we can help you make significant mechanical upgrades to cut costs and improve efficiency.

Advantages Of Teknic's Modernization

Better Performance

Updated elevator parts including control system and lift system can lead to better elevator reliability, floor accuracy, waiting time, and continence.

Efficient And Energy Saving

Updated electric, control, and lift lighting system can significantly reduce energy consumption. These updates also reduce operation costs for higher efficiency and better energy saving.

Higher Safety

Updated elevator parts including well, lift lighting, lift speed governor, and tractor shield greatly increase safety and manage risk

Cost Savings

Modernizing an elevator can increase the value of your property, decrease energy consumption and improve overall safety.

Code Requirments

Every state requires a permit or official notification. Most importantly, all elevator modernization work must be done by a licensed elevator mechanic.

Custom Recommendations

After our efficient work, you can have a brand-new modern elevator in the shortest time with lowest influence on residences.


Beware of Fake Service Providers

Always trust the OEM Service of Teknic Elevators. Unauthorised service agents and local operators can put your life in danger. We have no arrangements or control over unauthorised service providers / agents and the spares & parts used. Spurious spares can put your family & your life at risk. Beware of such operators.

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