Lift Installation

Our job is to make your job easier. We make sure everything is in place for a smooth, trouble-free elevator installation process to keep your project on schedule and on budget, with no surprises. High customer satisfaction is our constant service principle. Therefore, we strictly control the entire installation process, and strive to ensure reliable, advanced technology and value-for-money elevator products for all customers.
We formulate and implement uniform installation management codes and strict installation and operation procedures. We monitor and control the dynamics in real time. And we work with customers on the building plans to establish a linkage mechanism and achieve timely delivery.

Installation under control

Safety first

On time delivery

Hassle-free elevator installation from start to finish

TEKNIC Provides “Best in Class” ride quality on every piece of equipment that we install.

Different types of elevators are installed by our professionals with extraordinary finishing. Moreover, Our Elevator Installation Service is known for its quality work and reasonable rates.

Advantages Of Teknic's Installation Service

Installation Standard

At Teknic, we have a long history of providing highly professional lift installations and design, we remain up to date with current trends, ensuring that every new lift installation is reliable, efficient, cost-effective and safe.

Installation Team

Strictly trained Teknic’s installation team has professional skills and sufficient experience. Every engineer guarantees the installation quality with knowledge of product parts and system.

Innovative drive technology

Regenerative drive technology is standard throughout our new modular product family, This reduces travel energy by 46% compared to conventional technology.

Double-Layer Protection

During transportation, modular sections are covered by U-steel frames and thermoplastic film for protection. Therefore, they can arrive at the destinations safely even after long-distance transport.

Safe And Accurate

We use square steel after antiseptic treatment as the main shaft material, thus guaranteeing safe enduring operation of elevators in different environmental and climatic conditions.

Energy Efficient Lift Installation

Every new installation uses the latest technology and energy-efficient drives to cut annual outgoings without compromising quality.