An elevator must be completely trusted because what’s constantly in motion must also be reliably maintained. Maximum safety and comfort for users are just as important to us as maximum peace of mind for you. In modern life, elevators provide people with comfortable daily transport services. To ensure the safe operation of elevators, Teknic Elevators strives to improve every aspect of equipment from design to maintenance and provides the best products and services.
With our extensive range of services, we can respond to your individual to your needs and optimally tailor our support and maintenance to the intensity of your use and your requirements. Thus, you benefit from a cost-efficient solution and maintain the long-term the value of your elevator system in the long term.

Fine maintenance

On-time delivery

Tailored Support

Spare parts supply

Elevator Maintenance Services

With teknic, you can count on maintenance expertise that will keep it running smoothly and safely for its entire lifespan and a customer experience that is second to none.

Every member of the maintenance team has obtained the relevant training certification and offers professional services with a careful rigorous attitude towards work.

Tailored Maintenance (AMC) Plans

We offer service packages based on a clear understanding of our customers’ needs. These service agreements are easy to understand so you can focus on selecting the right package to suit your requirements.

A Fully Comprehensive contract combines callbacks coverage with regular preventive maintenance visits and automatic replacements of consumable items. It provides an automatic replacement for the components of your installations subject to wear within their proven lifetime. This type of contract is ideal for new installations and is designed to complement, with minimal duplication, your original manufacturer’s warranty.
A Non Comprehensive contract is our basic coverage which provides Oil & Grease maintenance and adjustments and allows access, at an additional charge, to our breakdown and repair services. The typical interval of elevators and escalators regular service is one month.

Fine service - We are always there for you.

Preventive Maintenance

Monthly periodic preventive maintenance, increase life of the equipment and ensures performance of elevator as per original design.

Safety Test

During the service visits, every safety measures are taken to ensure that the elevator functions safely, efficiently and reliably.

Quality Instruction

With backup and assurance of our Field Engineering Department and R & D, We constantly innovate and upgrade our products under our maintenance.

Genuine Spares

The spares are manufactured exclusively for teknic and are commercially not available.

Service Contracts

Various Service options through vivid service contracts like : Fully Comprehensive & Non-Comprehensive AMC Contracts.

Tailor For Your Needs

An elevator maintenance plan backed by Teknic Signature Service Solutions is an investment in the performance and longevity of your overall system.

What Advantages Of Teknic's Maintenace For Existing Buildings Have?

An elevator maintenance plan backed by Teknic Service Solutions is an investment in the performance and longevity of your overall system. We are able to maintain or repair any elevator – even if it wasn’t installed by us. Our preventative elevator maintenance plans help customers save money and minimize downtime by avoiding breakdowns, costly repairs and unplanned replacement of parts.

Preventive Elevator Maintenance

The key concern for all elevators is safety. It’s important to know the safety standards and that safety code requirements will vary from state to state and from building to building. Teknic Elevators has the most robust elevator service organization in India to perform full, in-depth elevator inspections and then quickly remedy any problems so that your facility stays running smoothly.

Elevator Inspections and Testing

We strive to be your prompt and effective elevator repair service. We hold an inventory of well over 6,000 part numbers and our highly trained route technicians are equipped with an inventory of more than 1,200 parts. We strategically station our expert mechanics near all our customers to assure a timely fix of any problem. so you can rest assured there’s an elevator mechanic ready to make repairs near you.

Responsive Elevator Repairs

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