Assurance of getting help when most needed.


We, at Teknic, are committed to follow safe work practices, all rules and regulations as stipulated form time to time, maintain hazard-free areas of work, using all necessary personal protective equipment, and delivering safe products and services to our customers.

Our zealous efforts through rigorous research and development are all aimed at the safety of our users. Teknic endeavors to bring about 100% safety in all its products through stringent process and quality control tests.

In fact at Teknic, quality is something that is installed well before the elevator is.

Teknic PROTECT is the result of this incessant search for maximizing the safety of its users. The advantages of an imperforated door are manifold, wherein, foremost is the safety that it extends to children.

A child is now absolutely safe within or outside the confines of the lift car. When the lift is in motion, the risk of putting his or her hand through the door does not arise.


  • Imperforated metal door a totally safe door, designed to operate like the bellow action of an accordion. The door comprises of individual panels bent into special shapes, with a back up support of a collapsible frame.
  • The pre-finished rexine coated metal door is available in black colour to suit all surroundings.
  • The material used is manufactured to adapt to all conditions, it is sturdy and is fire and scratch retardant.
  • Smooth, safe and trouble free operation.
  • The Protect door allows easy open and close action, for both children and the aged alike.
    Safety lock and latch ensures that the doors are armed before the elevator is mobile. The landing door cannot be opened unless the elevator has reached the landing floor level.
  • Vision panels are centrally located to allow adequate visibility and create a felling of comfortable space. They are made of specially toughened safety glass.
  • The anodized aluminum handle is ergonomically designed for user comfort.
  • Teknic PROTECT require a minimum of maintenance.


  • Teknic offers Teknic PROTECT for both the car and landing entrance. For the landing, a full size steel entrance frame and facia is provided with the door, to match the building.
  • The integrated hall fixture is located on the side jamb of the steel entrance frame, which eliminates the need to make pockets in the wall.
  • The foldable door panels are rexine coated in matte finish to minimize wear and tear.
  • The extruded aluminum sill enables smooth sliding of the Protect Door.
  • The vision panels are designed for adequate visibility and comfort.
  • The anodized aluminum handle is designed for ease of use.


  • Don't panic. Take a few deep breaths, and remind yourself that there's plenty of oxygen in the car. Then do whatever makes you feel comfortable - hum your favorite tunes, do stretching exercises, read any book or magazine you may have with you.
  • Contact the outside world. Every elevator should have an alarm button and an intercom or phone. In large buildings, an onsite custodian should respond to your call within five minutes.
  • Sit down. Some people have fallen when the elevator suddenly restarted.
  • Don't worry about being in the dark. Lighting runs on a separate circuit. Even if it does go out, there is a backup system that would kick in for up to four hours.
  • Stay put. Never attempt to open the doors or crawl out of the opening on the roof of the car. The elevator could start moving again with fatal results. Wait until a qualified mechanic or rescue personnel comes to your aid.


MYTH: Many people believe elevators are held up by only one rope that can break, leaving passengers trapped in a falling car.
TRUTH: Elevators are supported by multiple steel cables. Each cable alone can support a fully loaded car.

MYTH: Some people believe that an overcrowded elevator will fall.
TRUTH: This will not happen. An overloaded elevator will usually not move. The doors will stay open and a buzzer may ring until
enough people get off the elevator to reduce the weight.

MYTH: Some people believe they have been in an elevator where the elevator car fell several floors and then "caught itself".
TRUTH: This feeling is a mystery. Elevator experts believe people may think this happened because they 1) got on an elevator going in a different direction than expected, or 2) saw the elevator floor indicator lights flash by quickly which gave the visual impression of falling.

MYTH: Some people believe the hall doors will open when an elevator is not there.
TRUTH: The truth is that the elevator car controls whether the hall doors open. If the car is not at the landing, the hall doors can't open because their opening can only be triggered by the arriving car engaging an unlocking device after the elevator has stopped at the landing.

MYTH: Some people believe that if an elevator is stuck between floors that they are in danger of falling and should try to get out.
TRUTH: Absolutely not! Leaving the car on your own could result in injury. Elevator cars are designed as "safe rooms". The safest place is inside the car. Ring the alarm and wait for help. Leave the car only with the assistance of professional rescuers.

MYTH: Pushing the CALL button repeatedly will make the elevator appear faster.
TRUTH: The call is registered just once, movement is in response to the elevator controllers.

MYTH: Pushing the DOOR CLOSE button closes the doors faster.
TRUTH: It may cause the doors to close sooner, but not faster. However, if a buzzer sounds, the doors may close slower, it is important to get out of the doorway as quickly as possible.




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